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At MovitroM we install, maintain and repair industrial batteries and chargers/rectifiers both for stationary and traction markets

We are equipped with the most comprehensive and modern testing equipment's in order to reliably control and verify the critical condition of each system.

Stationary Battery

Chargers / Rectifiers

The regular use of our services, based on a well structured preventive maintenance program, suited to the level of stress and conditions each system is subjected to, is the best way to avoid unpredictable catastrophic failures and all the related losses caused to the systems downstream.  

The adherence to a preventive maintenance plan is a critical contribution for a higher level of reliability, longer battery life and ultimately, better system profitability.
This service is preformed by a dynamic technical team, with proper training and many years of experience in industrial DC power systems. In this way reassuring our clients that all our interventions follow the highest quality standard procedures.

Batteries maintained by MovitroM

Batteries with NO maintenance

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