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MovitroM is an ISO9001: 2015 certified company, as well as a qualified supplier with Repro, by Achilles certification.

It is also registered as a producer of waste from SILiAmb, ensuring in this way the correct handling and forwarding for recycling of all waste produced during our activity.


We work with some of the most important battery manufacturers around the world, receiving their recognition as being technically qualified to sell, service and even evaluate and validate factory warranties.

In this way, we try to offer our customers the best battery / system / solution from the technical and economical point of view, for each type of application.

At MovitroM we promote the constant development of our service methods. These include a maintenance program in which its main objective is to mitigate the risk of catastrophic failures in battery systems. This contributes to a high level of confidence in the performance of the system, leaving little room for unexpected events.

Since 1998, we have made available to our customers the best technology in the market to test the capacity of the battery, in a non-intrusive manner and with a proven track record of reliability.


Supplier Evaluation 

Quality Policy

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