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MovitroM is an industrial battery distributor, working only with the most reliable manufacturers in the market. Through our partnerships we are able to offer our clients every type of solution for a world of applications.

We offer our clients a full technical consultancy service, not limiting our services to selling batteries. We try to support our clients in the definition of the best solution for each project, assisting in sizing battery capacities, proper battery/room set-up, establishing / optimizing HSEQ rules and procedures for battery rooms, as well as, helping to chose the best technology for each use.  


At MovitroM we manufacture rectifiers / chargers together with the manufacturer Recticur with own thyristor technology and high frequency systems according to client's specification, as well as, offering standard solutions. 

Integrating with the most prestigious brands on the market - Delta, Eltek and Alpha Tec.

We also retrofit old rectifiers, in order to affordably replace old equipment's with more modern solutions, bringing them up to par with any new system on the market.

It is our commitment to only deliver high-quality, reliable equipment's to our clients. 


Joint-venture since 2014

Technology Partners


We also supply all the accessories need to fully service industrial batteries, being it an installation or a maintenance procedure.

For both stationary and traction markets. 

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